This week I received my Ethiopian Visa in the mail, bought a bike and started my new job at Newicks.  God's timing is perfect! Thank you all for your prayers. The Visa is all set and I'm ready to go to Ethiopia for a year! The bike needs some work, but I'm hoping to take care of that tomorrow. And the job... well the job is exhausting, but so good.

Newicks is a seafood restaurant in Dover, about six miles from where I live (about a half hour bike-ride). I worked there this past Friday and Saturday as a prep-cook, which was crazy. We served 1,500 people on Friday night alone! Next week I'll be starting on the front line which basically consists of 30 frialators and a few ovens. This is the largest scale kitchen I've ever worked in and I've worked in a six different industrial kitchens in my life. So I'm looking forward to having some fun this summer. The 11 hr days will be challenging though. But fortunately that gives me 3 days off every week to enjoy some outdoor recreation this summer.

At this job I've been able to do something that I have wanted to do for the past 5 years ever since my first job in a kitchen. And that is to change my name to "Vinny" (Vincent is my middle name).  Because there are two other Steve's in the kitchen at Newicks, I took the plunge and have been introducing myself as Vinny when I meet new co-workers. I love the name! I think it makes me sound tough and brings out the 50% Italian that's in me. Plus, how often do you get the opportunity to change your name? Not often... so I went for it.

Until next week, thanks for the prayers and support.
Grace and Peace,


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