Hey all, 

So, I guess I'm not really good at this whole blogging thing, because it's been like a month since I last posted. But the only way to get better at something is to just do it like with sports, music or anything really. Most of the work in learning an instrument is the time invested in practicing it although some skill is also necessary. And with running, well let’s just say I’m so not a runner, but believe it or not, back in the day when I was on the H.S. Cross Country team I was actually in shape.  

So, in light of all of this, I hens forth make the commitment to write a new blog entry at the beginning of every week (probably on Mondays). This way I will get the practice and you guys will get the updates. 

Speaking of which… things with Ethiopia are coming along quite well. Support is coming in and I am now over 15% funded as of today. I will be sending off my Ethiopian Visa application right after I finish this post. Then I will be calling a few churches to see if I can set up a date to present my trip to them. I did this a few weeks ago at Fusion Community Church (the on-campus Church at UNH that I go to) and it was a blast! It was exciting to be a part of their worship and world focus. After I finished my presentation, the pastor exclaimed, “Well guys, we’re going to Ethiopia!” As of now, I have 16 individuals or families and one church body “coming with me” in their support and I suspect that number will be increasing a lot in the weeks and months to come. 

I invite you all to "come with me" to Ethiopia though your financial support and prayers.  The latter being the most important. Please be praying for:

 - Smooth processing of my visa application
 - Successful church partnerships 
 - Potential summer job at Newicks (more to come next post)
 - Consistency in blogging =^)

Thanks y’all for your interest in this next big exciting season of my life!
Grace and Peace,


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