Hey guys! Here’s a quick update to let you all know about something incredible that happened to me this past week. Most of you might already know this because it's all I've been talking about, but I thought it necessary to actually get the word officially out and documented.

In one of my interactions with the Project Mercy administrator I was giving her an update on the status of my preparations for the upcoming year. Besides telling her that I had my visa, and that support was coming in and the like, I asked her when my room and board was due. Room and board is about $20/day for my year in Ethiopia which is about $7,000 total and all due in advance. So it’s kind of a big deal.  Her response was this, "Since you will be volunteering for a year with us, your Room and Board charges are waived." Wow! So this means that rather than having to raise $12,000 for personal expenses I only have to raise $5,000. I still plan on raising $10,000 total; 5K for me and 5K for seed money to fund the ministry in Ethiopia in various capacities. 

Isn’t God so cool how he provides so abundantly?

Ethiopian Landscape

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