Hey all,
This is just a quick update to show that I have not forgotten about my blog. I know it's been like two weeks since I last posted. Sorry! Last weekend I was home for my birthday and I also spoke three times at two churches presenting my trip to Ethiopia. It was such an encouraging day. People where so supportive and it was great to reconnect with the churches that I grew up in. So many people committed to pray for me some even daily and many people prayed for me right then and there. So encouraging. I feel like God has to be doing something big through this whole thing. 

This week I'm in the Poconos in PA with my family on vacation. This afternoon I had the opportunity to take a row boat out on Arrow Head Lake and spend some time remembering how good God has been to me over the years. I'm so looking forward to this next adventure he has for me.

Arrow Head Lake
Every evening our family has been doing devotions together and then taking some time to affirm a different member of the family each night. It has been so great to spend quality time with my family as I have only seen then for brief times and usually only during the holidays. And of course it has been great to meet and hang out with my four month old niece! She is so adorable. 
Charlotte Elizabeth Giordano
Please keep up your prayers as my departure date (August 25th) is soon approaching. Support is still coming in in incredible ways. Pray that God continues to prepare my heart and my trip. Thank you all so much. Your prayers are the most important part of my trip!
Grace and Peace~
4/12/2012 07:27:34 pm

Thank you to let me see your blog, I love you blog style, very cool.


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