Project Mercy -

Project Mercy is an International Emergency Relief and Community Development Ministry established shortly after Marta Gabre-Tsadick, Executive Director, her husband, Demeke Tekle-Wold, and family escaped to the United States from the Communist regime in Ethiopia in the early 1970’s.  With the assistance of Pastor Charles and Fran Dickinson, the mission began in 1977.  Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Project Mercy is a registered 501 (c)3 organization under the leadership of a seven-person board.

By providing self-help programs, Project Mercy seeks to reduce the needs for crisis-driven, emergency aid.  Through our holistic development plan, Project Mercy strives to make the Yetebon people self-sufficient.  We seek to eliminate famines through creating a reliable food supply.  We teach valuable trades to give people a means of generating income.  Through access quality health care, we treat illnesses and educate the population about healthy lifestyles.  By constructing schools, we give children the tools to create a better, more educated life for themselves and their community.  Our vision is to create a thriving, independent community that empowers this generation and generations to come.

Overview video showing Project Mercy's self-sustaining village which employs locals with jobs such as basket weaving, welding, furniture construction, glass blowing, dairy farming, vegetable growing and much more. 

InInterview with Demeke Tekle-Wold concerning the famine in the 1980's that left 15 million people in Ethiopia without food. He talks about Project Mercy's response by solving the water shortage problem. 

Interview with Sarah on how she is using her gifts and passions to serve the people in Ethiopia namely by introducing modern agricultural technologies to native fruit tree species to promote self sufficiency.

Thank you speach from director of Project Mercy.