My roommate and I were talking about the concept of unexpected Grace. It's when God shows up in your life through a circumstance or interaction that totally takes you by surprise. In those moments you know He is a personal god who actually cares about the big and small things that matter and make us human. My roommate and I were talking about this because it seems like it has been a common occurrence for both of us this past week.

So after the whole getting my bag stolen incident (see previous blog), I've been talking with God a lot about my attached to stuff.  I'm finding that with that attachment comes the lack of trust in God to provide for me. The less self sufficient I am, the more I must trust in God.  He's done some cool thing this week to assure me that he is more than able to provide for my needs. The big thing on my mind of late that I'm having a hard time trusting god with is my financial support for my year in Africa. Well, on Monday I get a call from a church wanting me to come speak to share my trip with there congregation. Then I get six support checks in the mail along with some great notes of encouragement.  Both events gave me a wake up call that God will provide. In this week alone, I received $575 of support (I am now 20% funded!). 

Another incident of unexpected grace came last night as I was sorting though my box of electronics finding items for my friends yard sale today. In the box I came across my old MP3 player that has been broken since my summer in Yellowstone, two years ago.  My roommate was in the room and I turned to him and said, "How crazy would it be if this thing started working again?” I think God loves a challenge. I plugged it in and low and behold the light turns on and then starts playing music. I just sat there for like two minuets in complete shock. WOW God! This is especially cool in light of my previous blog entry. What a blessing to now have a “resurrected” MP3 player that is so blatantly a gift from God.

Unexpected grace is a way that God says to me, “Yup Steve, I know you. And I love you. And yes, crap happens and life is not often easy, but I’m here. And I will provide for you. Trust me =^).”  Yes, God did just use an emoticon in what he said to me.


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